How is the Student Pastor Network different from other online tools for youth ministry?

The goal of the Student Pastor Network is to serve you, the student pastor, by providing you with training specific to your role and to provide you with the resources you need to lead at a greater level of effectiveness. The Student Pastor Network also gives you access to a community of student pastors that will serve as an ongoing think tank for student ministry, as well as the opportunity to be part of a cohort coaching environment that will speak to your context directly.

How often will content be released on the Student Pastor Network?

The Student Pastor Network is meant to be a progressive environment, meaning that the content will build on itself throughout the year. Here’s how it works: we will release a video each week focused on your role as a student pastor. Each month and quarter we will also release a more in depth video featuring local church student pastors, or other student ministry and leadership experts.

Once I join the Student Pastor Network, are there any additional costs?

No. As an annual subscriber you get access to everything the Student Pastor Network has to offer for the entire year of your membership. As a monthly subscriber, you will only have access to the four training videos in that month, as well as the monthly webcast.

What kinds of resources will be available through the Student Pastor Network?

While there will be some Bible study and curriculum related resources launched throughout the year, the majority of resources will be related to your growth as a leader and as a leader of the student ministry. For example, here are some of the downloads that are available: Student Leadership Team Packet, Budget Planning Template, Volunteer Recruitment Packet, Disciple Now/Retreat curriculum, and much more.

Can I get a refund?

Because of the nature of the content and how it is delivered, there is no plan to offer any refunds at this time.