Thanks for checking out the Student Pastor Network, the premier training and development resource for student pastors.

We want to invite you to join the Student Pastor Network because we believe it will have an impact in your life as a leader, in how you do student ministry, and it will have an impact in the people that you lead and minister to each week: your students, their parents, and your volunteer teams.

The Student Pastor Network was designed for one reason: to serve you as a student pastor with the training and tools you need to maximize your effectiveness.

The role that you have in your church is eternally important, and therefore your growth as a leader is eternally important. I hope that you would give us the privilege of serving you through the Student Pastor Network as you strive to make disciples of students and their families.

Now you have a choice, will you be a monthly member or an annual member? With a monthly membership you will have access to weekly and monthly training videos to help you grow. The annual membership offers not only the weekly and monthly videos, but quarterly webcasts, ministry coaching opportunities, a bi-annual box of free gifts and resources, downloadable resources, a private community of Student Pastors, and VIP access for LifeWay Students events.